Tesori d’Oriente: “Aegyptus” Blue Lily of the Nile and Papyrus Shower Cream * 8.45 Fluid Ounce (250ml) Packages (Pack of 3) * [ Italian Import ]

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Tesori d’Oriente: “Aegyptus” Blue Lily associated with the Nile and Papyrus Shower Cream * 8.45 liquid Ounce (250ml) Packages (Pack of 3) * [ Italian Import ]

  • With Papyrus dairy and Lily of the Nile (also called African Lily)
  • Tesori d’Oriente’s special formula cleanses and nourishes skin deep down
  • This Shower Cream Oil care for skin providing intensive nourishment and making it soft and smooth
  • No parabens, no artificial colorants, no mineral essential oils, no silicones
  • Italian product, Italian packaging

“Tesori d’Oriente” is a type of products created with ingredients from Eastern traditions for many thousands of years and found in cosmetic makeup products. These days, rediscovered and respected, they relive on epidermis the secret in addition to equilibrium of distant countries.Aegyptus, the essence of kings
The ancient Egyptians loved beauty and devoted considerable time and awareness of the care of the human body. These were expert makeup and perfume makers, and created extremely refined processes for making fragrances. Perfumes were very important in old Egyptian society because they represented a means of interaction between guy and the gods. They certainly were utilized in spiritual rites and ceremonies, and as a method of seduction.An interesting and sophisticated perfume which arises from the miracle of this encounter between the fresh and flowery accents of this Lily regarding the Nile in addition to cozy and enveloping notes of oriental herbs and woods. Sensations that lead back into the atmosphere of ancient Egypt, emotion become skilled.

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